Website translation

I offer translation services for companies that need to translate their websites from French to English. I am experienced in translating in an e-commerce context and I use the expertise that I have gained to produce quality translated content for each page of your website. Contact me to discuss your project needs.

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Document translation

I offer French to English document translation on a per word basis. If you have a document that you need translated, contact me to discuss your project requirements. I can translate user guides, internal company documents, company newsletters, marketing materials and more. If your document type isn't listed here, contact me for a quotation. I am happy to help.

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Language tuition

Looking for a language tutor to help you to achieve your language goals? Maranatha Language Services can help you. I offer French and English tuition. Contact me to discuss your tuition needs.

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Why Maranatha Language Services?


Because I love language and I want to use my skills to help you communicate with your audience. I've experienced both my source and target languages academically, professionally and socially and I want to put all of these experiences to work to produce high quality work which could mean the difference between a potential client converting or leaving your website. Browsing a poorly translated website or reading a poorly translated document can be confusing and off-putting for clients. Thankfully, I can help you change that. If you want to put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression, contact me today. I translate to help you communicate!

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I can help

Need your website translated? Do you have product information that you need to get translated, corrected, or proofread? Do you need help getting to grips with your language? You've come to the right place. Contact me to discuss your needs.